Accelerate product sales
with automated emails

Better marketing campaigns that turn into revenue

Schedule and automate marketing campaigns

Personalize emails for your customers

Easy to use with drag-and-drop


You want to start an email marketing campaign, save time when sending emails to customers,
or just want to create a beautiful email with a few clicks?

Grow your business with MailNhanh


99% Emails
Sent to Inbox Successfully

Unlike other mailing services that use third-party intermediary servers, MailNhanh sends emails from Google's own email server, so the rate of successful emails sent to inbox using MailNhanh reaches 99%.


Easy to create and edit
Email Templates

MailNhanh provides powerful drag-and-drop tools to help you create your own email design or edit many beautiful pre-made email templates that we provide.


Schedule and automate
Email Marketing Campaigns

MailNhanh allows you to draft and schedule perfect time to start your email marketing campaign.


Personalize emails
for your Customers

Create personalized emails with the correct title, first name, last name, information, etc, for each of your customers in just some clicks.


Know your Customers
with analysis chart and more

Track opens, clicks, replies, interactions with links, buttons, entry forms in the email. Report email reading rate, link clicks, unsubscribe, etc, according to analysis chart.

Ready to reach and gain more customers?

The big things always start with small steps.

Customers say about MailNhanh

"Tính năng tracking từng email đã hỗ trợ mình xác định khách hàng tiềm năng rất hiệu quả."

Ms. Tran Ngoc Linh

MailNhanh's customer

"Hỗ trợ cho công việc admin BDS khác nhiều trong việc chăm sóc khách hàng. Cần thêm video hướng dẫn basic nhé! Super like và đợi thêm nhiều tính năng update!"

Ms. Van Phan

MailNhanh's customer

"Thấy app có Tiếng Việt là yêu rồi <3"

Ms. Huynh Thanh Ha

MailNhanh's customer